First On Scene – (could be) the new 911

Another app idea FREE for the taking 🙂

Create an app that allows the first person who witnesses a person collapse, a crime committed, an accident, etc. to upload their video or photo of the event, or even a voice recording to a “first responders server.”

This would then notify the nearest first responders (paramedics, fire, and police) in the area, with their current location and a visual of the scene.

Also, you could do the inverse – anything that is positive gets uploaded to “happy book” that promotes all the positive things that happen in our world (some variations of this idea already exist)

Fortunately for you Singularity Ventures does not have the resources currently to undertake this venture, along with our major ubdertakings, so it is yours to do with as you like. 
Let me know what you think! 🙂


Morgan Maryk

Founder/Singularity Ventures



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