The “Slingshot,” a “Moonshot” Project

Dean Kamen is a genius.

He came up with an incredible invention that can produce 1 million litres of clean drinkable water, from any source, per unit.

“Sooner or later you gotta run the risk of letting people really use something” – Dean Kamen said.

He used water to get children to go to school. Before he introduced his “Slingshot” machine, which he located at the local school, no girls were going to school. After he provided a source of clean drinking water, all of the children were going to school, at least to collect the water at first.

What a connection.

I feel that everyone should watch Slingshot.

It’s an extremely inspiring story and provides the answer to one of the, if not the biggest problem, our world faces today, clean drinking water.

The Slingshot is named after David and Goliath, a small tool that tackled a huge problem. That’s exactly what we are doing with the cell phone, a small tool to tackle a massive problem.

Kamen addresses a major issue for our device, the issue of delivering a product around the world.

It’s very difficult to get something out to EVERYONE IN THE WORLD, who needs access to a better education.

You need partners. So, we are looking for partners in doing this.

Initially, we will be taking the devices and personally delivering them to Uganda, Africa, near Kampala, and setting up the infrastructure.

We are still in the process of developing the software but I figured I should put the word out to see who is interested in getting in on the ground floor.


Let me know if you are on board,


Morgan Maryk


Founder/Singularity Ventures


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