International Markets Live (IML)

So the other day I was approached by someone on Instagram who represented International Markets Live (IML) which is an online trading academy. Their approach to get “students” is through Multi Level Marketing (MLM).

I was looking into the service and haven’t come across anything concrete. Has anyone had experience with it?

After being approached I went through an interview with 3 of their members and in the end I was given access to a live broadcast of the head of IML, Chris Terry. I watched for a bit while trying to understand his trading methodology. I wasn’t 100% clear but his method seemed to be a combination of Elliot waves and anticipated trajectory of the wave movements. However, there was only analysis on a few pairs before he switched to a Harmonic Frequency System (HFS).

The HFS, I had been informed, indicated the movement of the price action and signalled when a trade setup was occurring.

Has anyone used this Harmonic Frequency System?

I requested access to test out this system but I was informed there was a $200 up front cost and no opportunity to demo the product.

There’s also $150 a month on top of the initial $200.

Could be worthwhile if the system works, if it doesn’t then what? Lose time and money.

Why not make the system free to access and then prompt for a payment after a few weeks trial, if the person sees that backtesting the program does not yield positive results then they won’t sign up. If they find that the system works, they will sign up in a heartbeat.

Imagine, being able to make money from anywhere, not being tied to a computer. Who wouldn’t sign up?


That’s just my two cents…let me know what you think!

Just comment at the bottom 😃


Morgan Maryk

Founder/Singularity Ventures


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