The Future of Energy

Although we at Singularity Ventures are fortunate to live in a city that is powered by relatively clean and inexpensive electricity, there is still a gap that exists, or will exist in the very near future.

With the impending influx of electric vehicles we feel it is imperative that we create more alternative energy. These alternative energy sources can be extremely beneficial for all of society. The first example of this utilization of alternative energy is in “Solar Schools.” This is not a novel concept, it is something that has been and is being done all over the world, including by our neighbours, the United States.

In the US the Solar Foundation found that 450 school districts saved over $1 million per district in energy costs from the introduction of large solar arrays on the roof of the school, over a 30 year period. The full report is available here. That’s a savings of at least $33,333.33 per year. Imagine what the schools can do with those funds.

What we are actively working on is, turning our local schools into the leaders of alternative energy production, mainly through solar. Having this technology in schools is going to reduce overall energy costs and allow for more funds to be put back into the school. There is also  the added benefit of educating our future generations with hands-on examples of alternative energy as well as entrepreneurship.

We recognize that this is not a very profitable venture in Vancouver and that may be why it hasn’t been done. Fortunately, we believe we have a way to make it happen and make it cost effective. Once this is confirmed, we are sure that the school districts will be excited to get on board and we will all benefit.

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Morgan Maryk

Founder/Singularity Ventures